Find The Perfect Toddler Winter Jacket For Your Little One

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Find The Perfect Toddler Winter Jacket For Your Little One

Winter is fast approaching, and with it comes the task of keeping your toddler warm. It can be tricky to find the right balance of comfort and style, but there are a few key things to look for when choosing a winter jacket for your toddler.

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The Type /Comfort

 First, keep in mind that your toddler's jacket should be breathable to help regulate body temperature. The jacket should also be lightweight for easy movement and comfortable enough to wear all day. A great waterproof fabric used for jackets is polyester. It will help keep your toddler dry, especially during playtime in the snow. If your winters are mild and dry then a soft shell jacket would be perfectly fine. There are also fleece-lined or fur-lined jackets that are made for extra warmth. A 3-in-1 jacket is a great option. It allows the addition or subtraction of extra layers. Keeping your toddler comfortably protected from the cold during the changing weather.

After considering insulation, waterproofing, and breathability, you may want to look for a jacket with a hood. A hood helps to keep your toddler warm and can protect them from the elements. Make sure the hood fits well and is adjustable to ensure a snug fit. Some jackets come with a removable hood, allowing you to use it as a cloak if needed. If no hood is provided on the jacket you and your toddler love then don't worry, a beenie knit cap hat will do fine.

(Side Tip: If your toddler is prone to losing the cap. Help them get into the habit of putting the cap into the sleeve of the jacket when they are not wearing it.)

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The Features

  •  Extendable sizes: These are great if your toddler is growing fast (which they usually are). Most jackets come in a range of sizes. If your toddler wears size 4 it may be useful to get a size 4/5 as opposed to a 3/4. On other jackets, there may be adjustable sleeves that allow an extra inch or two in length to be added as your child grows. Some jackets will even fit children up to and through the next season.
  • Closures: Zippers, buttons, velcro, or better yet, a combination of two or more provides options for your toddler. For toddlers that have a harder time with a zipper, the velcro option is useful when heading out to play. At least if an adult is not immediately available or you have a toddler in the "I can do it myself" stage, the toddler can make themself comfortable. It also provides the option to open and close as they choose to help regulate their comfort. 

  • Safety Detail: A toddler's jacket could have reflective material to make them more visible on the darker days of winter. The same works as well if their jacket is made of vibrant colors. If you can find a jacket that has reflective material as part of the design, great! If reflective material is not available or wanted try to find a jacket that is bright in color. Colors such as orange, yellow, or red would catch the eye of others easily. This awareness from the colors or reflective material provides an extra safety feature while your toddler is out and about. 

Find The Perfect Toddler Winter Jacket For Your Little One
  • Thickness/Installation: This is an important factor in your decision. Why? Because some materials are made for more extreme temperatures. While others are more suitable for light chilly days. If your toddler is located in an area that has harsh winters then a good heat-retaining installation material is needed. This will help protect them from the cold. It is also better to choose a less breathable material, such as polyester. It will reduce temperature exchange. However, if your toddler lives in a warmer climate then a thinner more breathable material is more suitable. The type of insulation you choose will also affect the warmth that the jacket provides. Down is a good option to consider for colder weather. It traps heat more effectively than synthetic material.


The Fit

 Another important factor to consider when choosing a winter jacket for your toddler is the fit. The jacket should be snug but not too tight. It should allow for movement and not be too constricting. You should also be able to fit a sweater or other layers of toddler clothing underneath the jacket. Here are 3 tests used to measure the fit, comfort, and protection from the cold for your toddler.


  1. Arm Stretch Test: Have your toddler stretch their arms out to the side. Take notice if the sleeves and shoulders of the jacket fit comfortably around their wrists and shoulders. The fit should allow for easy and comfortable movement while still providing effective coverage. If the shoulders or armpit area are too tight a larger size is needed. The same is needed if the sleeves are too short. If you have to choose between shoulder fit and length of sleeves it is best to choose shoulder fit. Being comfortable in movement and effectively covered from the cold is more important than only the coverage from the cold. The sleeves may get in the way but at least they will not be restricted from movement while playing.


  2. Hug Test: To ensure your toddler's jacket is not too tight around their chest, arms, or back have your toddler zip up their jacket and hug themselves. Your toddler should be able to reach their opposite shoulders with comfort. If the jacket is too tight around their back, chest, arms, or shoulders then that signals the need for a larger size.


  3. Arm Reach: Have your toddler stand up straight and stretch their hands upward. The idea of this test is to determine if the toddler jacket is long enough. While their hands are up does the jacket come down far enough to cover their belly? If the length of the jacket is too short then a longer jacket is needed to provide the coverage they need to protect them from the cold.

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The Style

 As you consider the different features of a winter jacket for your toddler, comfort should be your top priority. But there are other features to consider as well. A good winter jacket for your toddler should also be stylish. It should be something that your toddler can wear with pride. Your toddler will be more likely to wear a winter jacket if it is stylish. It will also help to build your toddler's independent style preference.


Selecting a winter jacket style for your toddler can be easy. The easiest way to decide if your toddler will like the style of the jacket is to ask their opinion. Their involvement in the decision-making process will help them feel more in control of their style. Feeling in control gives toddler's a sense of pride and ownership of their winter jacket. If you are selecting a winter jacket for your toddler as a surprise gift or otherwise. Then the style should be based on the toddler's general interests and preferences. Consider things such as the child's age, favorite colors, favorite characters, and general personality. For example, If your toddler loves animals, you may want to buy a winter jacket with a fun animal print on it. Younger toddlers may be interested in a jacket with many characters on it. Whereas, older toddlers may like fewer characters and an overall stylish design. So, be sure to take your toddler's interests into account when choosing their winter jacket style. 

Find The Perfect Toddler Winter Jacket For Your Little One

By considering the type, features, fit, and style finding the perfect winter jacket for your toddler is a breeze. Do you have a question or need help finding a jacket for your toddler? Comment below and we'll help you out!




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