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It would also be easy to accomplish while at daycare or at school. At least as a parent, I would know that before my child goes outside to play during recess that they will have their coat on.

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School is back in session and Fall is around the corner. Do you know what that means? It's jacket season! And Kyds Klothing has toddler jacket options to style your little guy. Keep your toddler comfortable during those cool mornings, school buildings, and evenings that this time of year brings. Shop our collection of toddler jacket options today and find a jacket that will showcase your toddlers style. Like this Puppy Print Toddler Denim Jacket, you will find adorable toddler jackets. Displaying a cute puppy on the back gives this toddler jacket its unique style. This classic durable denim style...

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We've all seen it at some point. The toddler that will take off articles of clothing. Usually, it starts with the socks. Once mastered it's difficult but not impossible to reverse the habit.

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